Monday, August 25, 2003

The morning after the night before

In this case, the weekend before. Or should I preface this all with:
Weight: 208
Exercise: keeping small children quiet at a funeral

Obviously not a lot of calorie-burning, muscle-building activity going on. However, keeping small, exuberant children contained at an event that they don't understand is an exhausting piece of work. The next day we took them to the park. This resulted in overheated but very happy children, one of whom had a fat lip from falling through a piece of playground equipment. It's getting so he doesn't notice fat lips anymore, except as they interfere with his drinking orange juice. I swear, this child has a future in bungee cords or sky-diving. 'If it can be climbed, it can be jumped from' appears to be his motto in life.

To top it all off, the St. Louis Rams snatched defeat from the jaws of victory...again...

Next weekend has to be better almost by definition.

I still have to figure out a topic for my free-form term paper, due late-September/early October. Should I go for the Death Penalty or something a little lighter, like how much privacy a movie star/celebrity is REALLY entitled to. For the record: yes, but not the way it's currently practiced, and: a lot more than they're getting now.

Oh yes, I know that they wanted to be there -- at least the intentional celebrities wanted to be there -- but should it really mean giving up every shred of privacy and dignity? Unless your surname is Osbourne, of course. Dignity? Osbourne? Contradiction in terms? I'm sure you can think up your own examples. But think of Princess Diana and the paparazzi chase that ended her life. Think about Schwarznegger (sp??) and how not only his life, but the lives of his family were endangered when their vehicle was boxed in by the vehicles of the camera-clicking press. I understand that this incident very nearly ended up in an accident. Sure, Arnold has made a few movies and now he's running for governor of California -- this does not mean he gives up his right to be safe and secure in his own person.

In even blunter terms, even a hooker has the right to say no where and when and to whom she wants to.

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