Sunday, July 04, 2004

Back again, anybody miss me?

Well, didn't think so. One more semester, one more year, but at least I've got my A.S. degree under my belt. I received mail last week that said I'd been approved, and that I should be getting the degree in the next three months or so. Yahoo! But it looks like I won't be getting the paralegal certificate until hell freezes over. It tends to be in the middle of the spouse's work week and I don't have a babysitter I can rely on for the next 18 weeks or so. Grouch. On the other hand, variations on my transfer units are all available online, so maybe I'll be getting to the university before I get the cert, lol!

Still weigh too much (215 but who the heck notices) and still under too much housework. But at least I think I'm finally settling into this housewife thingery. Just told the spouse that if he brings in the money and doesn't give me grief about what I do and what order I do it in, this house will be a lot happier, healthier, more picked-up place. I think he's just desperate enough to do it :)).


Derek said...

So did you make it? I tried to imagine sneaking a miller maxstar 140, a tiny bottle of argon and some metal in to class. That would be fun, but the light might be distracting.

My wife switched with me (a lull in computer science) and while I survived the homemaker routine, I'm glad to let her have it back.

Stephanie said...

The diploma finally arrived -- but because I took a semester off to settle a child into school I have to reapply to college. Which wouldn't be so bad, but they want to know ##/##/#### that I graduated high school. That was twenty years ago, I've slept since, and I can't find the bloomin' diploma. They've also revamped the application system, and while I normally applaud *anything* I can do online, their new system is rather clunky *sigh*. It might be a while before I get that certificate and the transfer units.