Tuesday, September 04, 2007

maybe the emergency reprogramming tool works on ac units too...

Okay, I'm depressed. It always happens when there is a money issue, and it's always compounded when the ac unit takes a dive. Again. This is when I really wish the emergency reprogramming tool happened to be universal -- but what scares the computer makes the ac unit laugh uncontrollably. I swear.

I was going to soap tonight, but instead I'm going to haul the wheel out and spin the rest of the merino/tencel. Then I'm going to savor an Arrogant Bastard (which is a beer, a nice hoppy works-if-you-haven't-brewed-your-own-in-a-while beer) and fall the heck to sleep, hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow probably will be better, given enough sleep and wool tonight.


Well, how d'ye do! The ac just kicked on. Either the axe works or it took pity on me. I'll take what I can get!

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