Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let It Be Known

That my size 8 Harmony interchangeable needle tips as well as the requisite 60" cables have gotten here. 40-year-old women are not supposed to backflip around the house in joy, so I just thought about doing it really, really hard. I found out a couple of things soon after I opened the package:

1. They sent 2 cables per 60", just like they said they would....only, I didn't read that when I ordered so I was absolutely flummergasted to find myself in possession of 4 almost-60" cables. I'm also very very happy and only mildly bummed that I have to wait until NEXT payday to get the needle-tips for the extra set.

2. I realllllly like the Harmony wood laminates. I mean reallllllly like them. I'm going to have to ask Santa for a whole set of dps for Christmas, and if he is serious about me knitting those ^#$&*!! Maple Swirl socks he'll get that dp set ;).

The reason I am supercalifrajilisticexpialladociously overjoyed about the extra cable set is that I intended to start on another Faroe shawl, and I like having the cable length to spread out comfortably. I still intend to do another Faroe shawl, but while waiting on the needles I started a cable sweater instead, so I'm going to work on the sweater while awaiting the moolah to get the tips in order to work on the shawl.

Okay, that made sense to me but I won't swear the rest of you will get it. You'll just have to trust me, I suspect. We're getting a sweater AND a shawl out of this; it doesn't get any better than that*.

*except for getting the dps. That would be better!

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Bobbisox said...

UMMMM, pictures of the shawl in the blog would be way kewl. I knew you would like your needles. I love mine.