Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sock Pics Temporarily Derailed Due to Spousal Spat

DBS picked the wrong day to imply that the Woman of the house Get Up And Cook :)). Yes, I get that he works hard for the household and would like a warm inviting bite to eat when he gets home. However, (just imagine this next bit in sweet, reasonable, dulcet tones) I work hard too and I just got home from running all over hell's half-acre and part of Texas WITH THREE CHILDREN IN TOW getting the family's banking, grocery, and other business done. I'm tired too AND THE CAN OPENER IS JUST OVER THERE IN CASE YOU NEEDED A MEMORY BOOST.


Okay, I didn't say all of that out loud as it were, but I think that I got my general point across. When I'm stressed I drink and when I'm irked I clean...and the kitchen is nearly surgically clean at this point, at least by my own modest standards. I have bento fixings cooling their heels all over the counters and I'm going to have a week's worth of Banshee lunches done very soon. The only reason the living room isn't in similar condition is that I did get an "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that" apology from the spouse.

So the sock has been temporarily delayed. Pics will be up by midnight Pacific Standard Time if I can get that heel turned without going irrevocably mad, causing me to promptly run, screaming, into the night. Or early morning, as the case may be.

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bobbi said...

Btdt and you at least got an apology; DH will go a day or more without eating if I don't cook and feed him. Men.