Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Hair Shirts and other pleasant experiences

I suppose everyone has to have one to teach them the meaning of patient suffering. This semester I've got a difficult teacher and my own penchant for mildly obssessive behavior to contend with. They don't juxtapose. The teacher is going to be challenging and while he has a great deal to teach, he has a lousy way of teaching it. And he doesn't care; I suspect that he even prides himself on his teaching method for a variety of reasons. This must be the universe's way of teaching me patience .

The mildly obssessive behavior has got to be this blog site. I've been tweaking with this and twiddling with that, trying to get it just so. And it's all for me; it's unlikely that my fellow classmates have gotten this far. If you have, I salute you! Drop me a line so I know you've been in the vicinity. One of these days I'm going to figure out why this [ahem] creature isn't letting me nest commands the way I think it ought to. If my mother was still alive she would be laughing at me -- me, the person who developed hives every time she even mentioned learning computer codes!

Sleep...I need sleep....what was I THINKING??
weight: 205
exercise: only my brain, and it's slowly leaking out of my ears. Catch y'all tomorrow when I'm more coherent.

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