Wednesday, August 20, 2003

'til the lightning falls

It's going to be a short post today; there is lightning all over the place and that makes my electronic gear nervous. St. Vidicon of Cathode, pray for my computer!

Weight: 205
Exercise: not yet

Dr. Demento's class: not as hairball as it was last Monday, nor as hairball as it's likely to get next Monday. I haven't looked forward to finals so much before in my LIFE.

The rest of the classes are a lot more laid back. They tend to teach without bludgeoning. Or maybe the hair-shirt and I just got off to a bad week. The spouse said so earlier while ducking frequently.

Tonight: study & sleep. Maybe not in that order -- remind me not to spend four straight hours playing with computer code that I don't understand. It only ruins my beauty sleep and at my age, I need all that I can get!!

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