Friday, August 15, 2003

Like the announcement says, this is a bit of an experiment and a bit of a class project -- and probably a whole lot more me being me, just in public. The class is a college class and the challenge is to change some part of my lifestyle for the better, or at least healthier. My challenge to myself is to lose a whole lot of weight and gain a whole lot more fitness. I may have job interviews in the next couple of years. Looking healthy certainly won't hurt while I'm job hunting. I'll need the fitness to keep pounding the pavement in search of the next interview!

Of course, anyone who gets very far is going to have to put up with my ruminations on the cats and why they can't stay out of my knitting; the kids and why they can't stay out of my knitting OR my hair; my latest yarn acquisition or my most current knitting project; and how I would just love to test drive that new router if only I could get the band out of the garage. Did you know that rock musicians were worse than mice? And louder, too.

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