Sunday, August 17, 2003

Weight as of this morning...204 pounds...tomorrow I shall have my baseline weight and behavior patterns. Which is to say, too heavy and too sedentary. Everybody starts from someplace (sigh).

No, we didn't get out to the park today. I blame it on the rock'n'roll garage mice. They had a gig last night -- a good thing -- but the drummer ate something that didn't agree with him; he collapsed on a concrete patio and knocked himself out, so my other half ended up at the emergency room with him. There was an 8 hour wait at the emergency room so my husband took the drummer home and hovered over him like a mother hen until it was clear that the only mending really needed was a whole lot of sleep. Nobody got that last night so we did that this morning. No park. Bah humbug. We've rescheduled for next Sunday; Saturday is out of the question because we have a funeral to attend. In Trona. Yack -- has anyone out there been to Trona? Such a depressing, sulphury place. My father helped build one of the chemical plants out there back before time started; my husband's grandfather actually worked IN the place after that (if I'm remembering correctly; I may have to double-check with the spouse.)

Anyway, we're going to be getting a whole lot of family time next weekend. Some of it isn't going to be much fun -- parents out there will cringe in sympathy at the thought of herding two toddlers and a crawler through a solemn family function. In fact my husband suggested the children and I not go because he knows just how difficult this parenting gig can be. He's going to be a pall-bearer, so he isn't going to be able to help me as much as he'd like to. I just can't not be there, if that makes any sense. I have to be there for my Mom-in-law. Most of this situation has fallen squarely on her shoulders; nobody either could or would help. My husband and I fall into the wanted-to-help-but-couldn't category. I may not be able to do diddly-squat next Saturday but I have to be there just in case I can.

Back to the health issues; I'm trying to encourage my husband to join me in my quest to get to the gym. It would be a lot easier on me if I had an exercise buddy. It's not a make-or-break condition; I'll be going and trying to get on a regular schedule with or without him. But it would be SO nice if I could get him to come with me. Right now what's holding me back (and I know it's just an excuse) is that my youngest doesn't have shoes that stay on her feet. After three kids I still don't know how the heck you keep shoes on a crawler unless Crazy Glue is involved. Tomorrow we're going to get SOMETHING to stick on her feet and if they don't stay on, they don't stay on. I need to get into a routine in the worst sort of way and I can't let baby shoes get in my way.

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