Saturday, August 16, 2003

Yippee ki-yi-yaaaa! Computer illiterates of the world, unite! I knew if I kept digging I'd find something that would work. I just figured it would take a lot longer.

Of course, now I have other projects for the blog that are whirling around my brain. Drat this curiousity -- part of my genetic heritage on my mother's side -- if I get my teeth into something I can't leave well enough alone. But after this post I'll have to leave it alone for the rest of the night or the rest of my homework will never get done. Two legal briefs and a clutch of questions for my litigation class -- not to mention the rest of the reading for this class!

All right, back to the matter that got the blog started in the first place: my weight. This morning I topped out at 206 pounds. My goal is 150. Ye cats and baby bats, 56 pounds. I'll have to re-read a couple of bits of information to verify but I think it's possible to lose 1 pound a week and still be healthy about it. By the end of this class I hope to lose about 17 pounds, give or take an ounce.

No gym today and probably none tomorrow. Tomorrow the family is scheduled to get out of the house and into the park. The kids deserve a little running-around time. So do I, for that matter.

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