Saturday, October 13, 2007

I have a chair and I'm not afraid to use it

I think everyone should have a place to knit, don't you? For the longest time I haven't had a place where I could duck all of my responsibilities for wool's siren song (i.e. knit until my eyeballs dry up and fall out.) This is now my Knitting Chair.
To be sure, it is much too big for the area it's in. It's huge. Even I can curl up in it and these days I take a lot of curling! There are about 8 inches between it and the bed. It dwarfs the room. And I absolutely love it. I've got my boombox and my knitting project and although you can't see it, I have the requisite gaggle of remote controls if I want to watch t.v., vcr, or dvd.

Why is it in the bedroom at all? Cats. I like the cats but they tend to treat our furniture badly. The Banshees have actually gotten to the point where they're easier on the furnishings than the clawed critters. It's an accomplishment I didn't think I'd live to see. Also, our living room is to-the-gills filled with other furniture. Now some of that has to go eventually -- so do the cats, for that matter* -- so when the time comes I'll probably move The Chair into its natural habitat.

Or not. I can put my feet up and watch both versions of 1408 without worrying if the Banshees are behind me. I'm still trying to figure out which version I like more, if you must know.

How did I get this lucious piece of essential knitting equipment? My step-mother-in-law. It's hideously expensive by my standards so I don't understand getting rid of it for anything less than Katrina-sized damage. However, they just built a new house and evidently this chair doesn't match the decor. Do I look a gift-sofa in the spring? HA.

The drawback to it and the other bit of hand-me-down furnishing is that we have to rearrange a couple of rooms -- which I like -- but it involves actual housework, which I don't like so well. I just keep telling myself that I need to get rid of 3/4 of the clutter and life will be so much easier. Yeah, and I'm going to be able to give up that Opal addiction any day now too.

*natural causes for furnishings and felines alike, so quit looking at me that way!

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