Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It Just Makes Sense

Update: And because I have been cold-virus-addled and sleep deprived and under the influence of children I have left out all of the good parts. Dolores and the Fibertarian party are the brain children of the Panopticon. Go check out the blog (click on the logo) and go check out his CafePress shop (click on Dolores, below). Just don't blame me too much if you end up decked out in Dolores gear from head to toe.

Of course, it could be my cold-addled brain on wool-fumes, too. Lots of things have been making more sense the last few days and I'm sure by next week I'll be regretting several of them. But I can't be the only one who thinks wool v. alpaca is a much easier debate to understand than some of the arguments the current political parties have come up with. (And if it comes right down to it, I'll take Dolores in political cagefight against any alpaca you care to name.)

So guess what I'll be wearing this political silly, important election year?

Oh yeah.

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