Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Few Changes to the Flight Plan

I did manage to finish off a Faroe Shawl. And yes, I did manage to knit it exactly the way I thought I was going to have to. It just happens to be pink instead of cream, and it's floating around in EB's bedroom, so I don't know what sort of extortionate rate I'm going to have to pay just so I can get a photograph of it. Come to think of it, I should just go ahead and knit the cream colored might be easier, cheaper, and quicker that way. There is only one serious flaw with that plan, of course. Me. Once I figure out how to do something I can't just leave it alone (except with socks. I do have a plain-sock pattern memorized and I stick with it so I can knit in theaters. Assuming, as always, that I will ever be able to find and afford a babysitter, and that my dh will allow me to knit unmolested in a theater on our one day off in I've-lost-count-of-how-many years.)

Ahem. Anyway, just as soon as I finished the plain garter-stitch faroe I started wondering which sorts of lace stitches I could fit into it...and whether lace and cable in a Faroe would work (not in any historical or aesthetical sense, but from a purely engineering point of view)...and the short of it is, is that if I want a picture of the pattern I used for the pink Faroe, I'd better go find the pink Faroe because the next few that I knit are not going to be anything like the pink Faroe.

However, any lace shawl is a couple of weeks away from being started. I'm two weeks behind on the magazine (and I, I, am the one who set that deadline), and I have writing to do that has nothing to do with my blogging duties, and the yard has gone from bare (or as bare as it ever gets) to Stephen King Creepshow green in the matter of a week and it desperately needs to be weeded, and the new greenhouse is working just fine now that I have it staked down, but the heater I got for it still needs some engineering before I can put it in, turn it on, and watch to see if something either explodes, melts, or just burns with a slight whimper. Bother. I like doing it all, there are just a few times a year when doing everything means I have to do everything all at once.

On the other hand, I do have a blanket that I'm crocheting and one of the infamous socks already on needles, so I won't be terribly deprived in the tribulations to come.

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